Ahmet Gül

Founder & CEO

Ahmet Gul is the founder of Citus Power. Industrial engineer by education with an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Ahmet is an expert in renewable project development with a focus in solar, wind and energy storage and its applications.
Ahmet brings more than 5 years of finance and investment banking expertise from his years at Merrill Lynch and Ebay North America.
In 2013, he founded Ventis Energy in Turkey's flourishing renewable energy sector.
Ahmet’s first company Ventis and its wind projects were successfully acquired by one of the largest power players in the Middle East in 2015. He subsequently founded Citus Power, where his goal is to become the largest owner and operator of solar and wind projects in Turkey and neighboring countries and the first and leading energy storage project developer in the region.

Cihan Kıykaç

Head of Business Development & Solar Operations

Cihan Kiykac joined Citus Power in 2015 as Business Development Director responsible from oversight of operational solar projects and their management. He brings more than 10 years of experience in renewable energy project development and investments in MENA-Asia region with a specific focus on Turkey and Kazakhstan.
He received a BSc in electrical engineering from Bilkent University, where he continued his graduate studies. After receiving his MA in Economics, Cihan worked in TEPAV (Turkey Economic Research Institute) as chief research assistant to Mr. Süreyya Serdengeçti, former Governor of Central Bank of Turkey, where he conducted economic policy and energy sector research studies.
Before joining Citus Power, Cihan managed the development of more than 2000 MW of renewable energy projects in various levels of maturity, especially in large-scale wind and solar.

Citus Power Leadership

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