Asset Performance Monitoring & Control

Does your asset perform as designed?

We monitor your solar plant for you, just like we do ours.

It is one thing to monitor a solar plant’s absolute performance, it is an entirely different approach to monitor it against "how it should have performed" given its actual design, and operating conditions.

When you participate to our monitoring program, we conduct a detailed technical audit of your plant, install and/or upgrade your monitoring platform and sensors. We do all this to establish a baseline for your solar plant, given its design choices and site conditions, and measure its performance against this benchmark, ensuring that your solar asset's performance as is, is maximized.

Such diligent monitoring also helps us run various data analysis cases for your plant. Instead of passively monitoring your plant, we look for "unvisible signs" to understand its health and to find new ways and modifications to increase your plant's performance. Some call this “big data”, we prefer to call it “proactive asset performance data analysis” as it reflects a more active attitude.

O&M Management & Supervision

“O&M” does not equals “asset management”

Do you have an O&M contract for your solar plant? Does your EPC company also provide O&M? If yes, do you still find yourself looking and checking over everything your O&M company does, needing to watch over your plant? This is good news, it means you care about your solar plant’s performance, you want to know whether your O&M contractors are doing what they are supposed to do.

O&M management is not easy however, just like any work that needs “attention and control”. This means one needs to​ dedicate significant time and effort.

If you need a trustworthy partner to watch over the O&M of your solar plant, we are here to do exactly that. We own and manage our own solar assets, working with the country's best O&M companies.

When you sign up for our O&M Management & Supervision program, we conduct a detailed technical audit of your plant and offer you a complete O&M package with supervision. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with the country's leading O&M providers, we are able offer you a better O&M package at a lower cost.

Asset Technical Audit, Review, Documentation

Was your project built in accordance with its blueprints?

If you are a solar investor or developer, if you have taken your projects through construction into operation, then you know that changes may have to be made to the original blueprints during the construction phase. Most of the time, the EPC company or the developer may not have had time to modify the blueprints accordingly. As time goes by, this crucial information gets forgotten or ignored. This is a big risk. Your O&M company or asset manager needs to have this information to properly intervene in case of technical problems. When the need arises to dig the ground, the operator needs to know whether there are cables running underground, otherwise the result could be catastrophic.

We have realized that in most countries, development of the solar industry landscape has been interestingly very similar. Once an incentive is introduced, the industry kick starts itself. Investors and developers, be it from the energy industry or not, start entering the industry. Unfortunately the first generation of projects tend to be built not adhering to certain established standards with sub-optimal workmanship. This is because there is a learning curve for the industry. Once the industry surpasses 1GW landmark, you start seeing established and experienced EPC and O&M companies. In some cases, certain investors choose not to employ EPC companies when constructing their projects, using contractors and managing them themselves instead. In cases where the investor is not a professional solar company, majority of the projects end up being built with sub-optimal technical craftsmanship, and they usually need certain remedies to ensure they operate properly throughout their operational life.

We have seen and experienced this in many projects, including ours. What looks like the right technical decision at the design phase, turns out to be a wrong one once the plant is in actual operation, and this needs to be remedied.

At Citus Power, we possess the experience in building solar projects and managing EPC companies. We conduct detailed technical audits and reviews for solar plants and create a report for the owner. We create a list of all technical remedies and modifications for the site. We highlight the ones that are crucial for healthy operation and maintenance, and the “low hanging fruit” modifications with significant positive impact, but low cost.

EPC and O&M companies tend to charge a significant premium for such work. At Citus Power, we do not charge a premium for such work, as this creates a conflict of interest. We only recommend what really needs to be done, and find the right contractors and transfer the cost directly to our client.

We do not want to earn money from doing more work on your project. We earn money from increasing your asset’s performance. 

Financial & Commercial Management

Too many SPVs to manage?

In many cases, solar assets require many SPVs to be built. This is the case in Turkey, our primary market. To comply with regulations, many owners had to establish an SPV per MW. Imagine a 10MW project with 10 SPVs. This is not a huge investment, but it can easily become too difficult and expensive to manage, just the financial and commercial aspects of it, let alone technical management.

At Citus Power, we own and operate our own assets, and we offer full package asset management services to our clients.

If you have SPVs for your solar project but dont want to employ personnel to manage them, we can do that for you, just like we do it for our own projects.

We have established strategic partnerships with the country’s leading certified financial accountants and legal advisors to enable a low-cost but high quality management for all commercial, financial, and legal matters that could take place throughout a project’s life.

Our service includes conducting general assemblies, SPV management, accounting and bookkeeping, invoicing, collections, payments, insurance policy management, damage recovery and claims, invoice management with the local utility for electricity sales, and taxes.

We can takeover and manage all of these for you, professionally, and at lower costs thanks to our framework agreements nationally.

Full Package, No-Hassle Solar Asset Management

Let us fully run your solar asset, leaving you only to check your bank account

As Citus Power, we are involved with every aspect of building and running solar assets. We own and manage our own assets, and we want to do it for you too. Give us the key to your solar project, let us run everything, leaving you only the check your bank account for the proceeds from your investment.

If you are a small owner, it helps to have your solar plant managed by a professional solar asset management company. At any point in time, should you decide to sell, your asset is ready to be marketed to potential investors, a service which we also provide.

Having partnered with international investors, buying and selling renewable projects, we understand the difference between assets run by professional managers and those that are averagely operated. We take your solar asset and transform it into a professionally managed “financial investment” at high standards, fully documented, ready to be conducted due diligence for and acquired by institutional investors.

Got Solar? Need Professional Management?

We manage your solar assets for you


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