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Looking to acquire or exit a renewable asset investment?

Citus Power’s story started as a joint venture partnership between our Turkish and international shareholders which continues to date. We started as a core team from engineering and investment banking backgrounds, having become a full-fledged company involved in the full lifecycle of renewable energy investments from project development, through construction and operation, to exit.

Thanks to our founders’ reputable backgrounds and experiences in investment banking and renewable energy, we have established an expansive owner/C-level network amongst large and small energy sector players, local and international. Having developed many projects in the Turkish market, we have a great network at public authorities. This network enables us to reach every corner of the industry to find projects suitable to invest in. We are able to generate unique leads and opportunities.

If you are an investor looking to acquire renewable assets, we could help you find projects to acquire, partner with you throughout the whole process, and manage your acquired assets for you.

Technical & Non-Technical Due Diligence

Let us do the due diligence for your candidate project

If you are an investor about to acquire a renewable asset, you will need to conduct comprehensive technical, legal, and financial due diligence for yoru candidate asset.

We separate our due diligence package into two parts: technical and non-technical. 

Technical due diligence is the most important item that needs to be done without any mistakes. An attractive-looking asset “cosmetically” might later prove to be an expensive mistake if it is not properly understood. Let us face it, every solar asset in the market will have some kind of defect or problem. That does not mean these assets are bad investments. It means that the acquirer must be aware of such defects so that a proper assessment of the costs and benefits of the assets could be made.

In our experience, 3rd party technical due diligence services from internationally known institutions are not sufficient. They are experts, but not operators. At Citus Power, we ensure that the O&M company who will be contracted for the asset is also included in the technical due diligence process, as they are the one to be involved with the daily technical matters of the solar power plant. We have had experiences in the past where we employed internationally renown 3rd party technical advisors to provide certification for our investments, only to see them miss important technical matters that were important to address. This has led us to include our O&M partners into the technical due diligence process.

Non-technical due diligence is as equally important as technical, if not more. Investors need to be sure that the projects they intend to acquire have their permits in place with regulatory authorities, local utility company, local municipalities, and other local public authorities.

Thanks to our framework agreements with the top companies in technical, commercial, financial and legal matters, we are able to provide potential investors a full-fledged due diligence package at attractive prices.

Are you an investor? Are you acquiring or exiting a renewable investment?

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