Wind Project Portfolio 1

217 MW

Citus Power was established in 2013 as an international joint venture to develop wind projects in Turkey. The first round of project development yielded 4 high-quality wind projects where our team conducted all pre-development related activity including site search, installation and monitoring of wind masts, wind data analysis and control, energy yield assessments, micrositing studies, documentation preparation for the 2015 license application rounds. The projects were acquired by the leading Middle East power company Acwa Power.

Wind Project Portfolio 2

210 MW

Following the sale of our first round of wind projects, we started development of 3 more wind projects around the same geography as the first round of wind projects as we have had collected a great deal of wind data around these regions. These projects are still in wind data measurement and energy yield assessment phases.

Yahyalı SPP

8.8 MWp

Our first solar project, Yahyalı SPP, came into operation in August 2016. Citus Power developed the project from greenfield stage completely in house, on behalf of its investors. It is still one of the largest solar projects in Turkey, fully asset managed by Citus Power. Project Yahyalı became our first project to benefit from our solar asset management service.

Project Rez

Residential 1-2MWh

Project Rez is our first ever energy storage project under development. We are creating a unique energy storage solution for one of Turkey's leading real estate developers. Project Rez is being developed around an innovative financing model which help reduce the cost of the system and enable much shorter project payback periods.

Our Projects

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