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We fill in the knowledge gap in creating energy storage business cases

At Citus Power, we believe in a renewable future and have positioned our company and strategy around that. We think that the transformation of the power sector worldwide will continue for years to come, where share of renewable energy, particularly wind and solar will constitute a much larger portion of total generation.

A few years ago, with all the investments going into energy storage and the increasing economies of scale, we realized energy storage was going to be the next big trend. The development of energy storage and the falling prices will unlock a substantial new market for solar and wind energy where the biggest problem “was” intermittency.

This is why at Citus Power, we are preparing for a future energy sector where storage and solar will be cheap enough that it will keep replacing conventional power systems.

The challenge with energy storage business development is that its math and feasibility is not straightforward as it is for generation power plants, and that business cases vary from country to country. Throughout our development work, we realized that there is a significant knowledge gap to fill between system integrators and project developers.

We are here to fill in that gap, and more. We can help you build business cases for your country and specific applications. Our strong dialogue with the leading energy storage system integrators worldwide enables us to provide a one-stop-shop solution to our clients. We can help you design the business case, calculate its economics and financial returns, and also provide you with a turn-key EPC and operation solution.

Energy Storage EPC and Operation

A one-stop-shop for your energy storage needs

We have a strong dialogue with the leading providers of energy storage systems in various segments and we are able to provide complete EPC and O&M solutions for our clients who need a one-stop-shop partner in this area.

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